In 1989 I began a portrait project in which I photographed individual women - family, friends and acquaintances - against a backdrop of collaged newspaper.  Eighteen years later I returned to this project, making new backdrops, re-photographing some of the original subjects and adding new ones. The focus of the work shifted to the passage of time itself. I photographed not only individuals over time, but also generations alongside each other, and expanded the project to include men.

The portraits in this exhibition are each constructed from two or more images made over intervals of time - months, years or decades. The fragments of newspaper in the background -- sometimes legible, sometimes not – bring in other ways of marking time.

While the individuals I have photographed are drawn from my own circle of personal relationships, their lives are shaped by global factors. Collectively, they have experienced illness, violence, disability and loss, and also have grown, survived, met challenges and thrived. Taken together, the “Timelines” allow me to engage more fully with my own historical moment.

Inkjet prints come in two sizes:  36” x 44” and 22” x 30”. This series is still in progress.

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