Homeland Scrolls

A “homeland” is a place, both mythical and actual, to which one can feel a deep attachment, a place to which one might long to return.  Yet every actual piece of land, whatever its nationality, has layers of complicated human history embedded in it. In these composite landscape images, made between 2003 and 2007, I am attempting to imaginatively evoke connections between the physical environment and past human actions.

The pictures themselves are each made from three layers, taken from elements of three distinct landscapes. A word – a verb in the past tense - is embedded in each layer. Some of the elements were photographed in the wooded landscape near my home, and some in far-flung locations. I aim to construct ambiguous spaces that both invite the viewer in and disorient her/him.

“Homeland” is itself a term with a history. It has been used to invoke a sentimental nationalism, which then has justified acts of brutality.  I hope that these pictures undercut a sentimental response to the landscape, while suggesting a more multidimensional emotional relationship to the physical environment.

Inkjet prints are 30" x 24".

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